Thursday 8th December 2016, Bromley United Reform Church, BR1 1RY

This seminar focused on raising awareness of Universal Credit in preparation for its rollout. By 2020-21, the cuts implicit in the Universal Credit system will increase the potential that many on that benefit will be negatively affected and that much more support and assistance will be required. Universal Credit started in Bromley on 18 January 2016, but only for single people making a new claim who would otherwise have claimed Jobseekers Allowance, but the full UC system will be rolled out in the Borough over the next few years.

Additionally in the light of the Government’s proposed changes through the Green Paper on Work, Health and Disability:

The seminar particularly focused on the challenges – as well as opportunities related to these proposals. The Green Paper offers the opportunity to provide a ‘Bromley response’ by early-2017 and this seminar therefore is timely for us to start to consider and discuss the key issues together.

This seminar was an opportunity for local organisations to get together and identify ways of working together to:

  • Consider the implications, challenges and opportunities of the Green Paper
  • To understand the impact of the roll-out of Universal Credit, its effect on individuals & households and what more can be done prior to its rollout.
  • Share ideas on how voluntary sector organisations in Bromley can be most effectively supported to overcome all proposed challenges
  • Clarify how the Community Voices Project can support organisations to:
    • Raise issues and share best practice
    • Identify and co-ordinate any relevant training

The seminar was chaired by Janet Tibbalds, Chair, Community Links Bromley and the speakers were:

  • Josephine Tucker, Senior Policy and Research Officer, Child Poverty Action Group
  • Lorraine Whittaker, Director, Bromley Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Rosalind Kent, Carers Support Adviser, Carers Bromley
  • Kam Patel, Partnership Support Manager, DWP
  • Theresa Kolo, Bromley Jobcentre Plus

Downloadable resources:

Seminar Notes