Community Links Bromley has raised funds for the development on an online toolkit for new tenants entering into the private rented sector in the Borough of Bromley.  The toolkit has been planned to be developed in consultation with key voluntary support agencies and individual tenants in the Borough.

The Toolkit will be online by July 2018

Steering Group current confirmed membership:

  • Dan Prentice/Housing Manager, Radcliffe Housing Society
  • Andrew Raby/Senior Partner from Thackray Williams
  • Alice Atabong/Group Manager – Housing Support Services, London Borough Bromley
  • Gloria Noel & Sarah Rose, Neighbourhood housing managers/Live Smart, Affinity Sutton
  • Liz Broughton, Information & Advice Service, AgeUk Bromley & Greenwich
  • Davina Myers/ Depaul Charity

The information will be collected with the interests of a particular client base in mind:

  • Young first time renters
  • Vulnerable adults

If you are interested in getting updates about the Toolkit or would like to find out more about the project, please contact Leah Whittingham at

The toolkit is funded by the TDS Charitable Foundation