The Partnership between Goldsmiths University & Community Links Bromley

We have started to work in partnership with Goldsmiths University and this joint working is inspired by an existing methodology designed by Dr Anna Carlile termed ‘illuminate’[1]. The focus of the current work is to develop a model for community participation and advocacy that deals with individuals concerns about representation and democracy.


Cotmandene Digital Club: Feb-March 2017

  • The aim of the pilot was to encourage local residents to identify community need and assess public service delivery in their local area.
  • This was achieved by using the starting point of building confidence by improving digital skills.
  • Participants learnt how to research and use the internet and associated digital tools to find out what was happening in their local area (for example what problems they were experiencing and how they could go about resolving them) This starting point allowed each participant to identifying issues that were relevant and affected their daily lives.
  • 100% of the project participants said that the course was useful and that they had more knowledge about their local area. 60% of the participants would like to continue to find out more about community research
  • Comments from the evaluation forms:

“I have now been able to become a volunteer, thanks to this course!” – Project Participant

“I feel more confident in finding information out about my area” – Project Participant

“More of the same please!” – Project Participant


[1] Illuminate is a research methodology for schools, providing a best practice model for the youth voice agenda, supporting the self-advocacy skills of often-silenced groups through becoming a pragmatic and embedded feature of school governance. Illuminate research has been conducted about various models of community, youth and pupil ‘voice’. Illuminate projects have found that ‘being listened to’ and ‘being taken seriously’ are crucial to participant engagement and success.