What are Advocacy & Campaigning?

Advocacy [noun]

“Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.”

Campaigning [verb]

“Work in an organised and active way towards a goal.”

Advocacy and campaigning are broadly the same, except that advocacy can be seen as being more reactive and direct, and campaigning as being more planned and proactive and involving multiple channels of influence

In all cases, advocacy and campaigning are about promoting and trying to achieve some positive change

We see advocacy and campaigning as key in influencing:

  • To influence public policy and practice
  • To influence corporate policy and practice
  • To influence public attitudes and behaviour
  • To influence decision making processes so that affected communities are involved
  • To empower affected communities to influence the decisions that affect them.

In the UK, under the Care Act 2014 there is provision for independent advocates to support adults with care and support needs and their carers. In some cases, the Care Act applies to children and young carers and also applies to young people over 16 who are in transition to adult services.  The Bromley Community Voices project works with organisations to support advocacy / campaigning and so would work with organisations that support independent advocates – for example: Advocacy for All, but does not carry out advocacy work for individual residents.